Zebra Design is a branding and strategy agency based in London. Our primary field of design is a logo, brand identity and photography retouch. We have extensive experience in branding identity and photography retouch. It meticulously assists the process of creating designs and strategic thinking that are carefully prepared for brands and businesses.

Our goal is create brands, that passionately use the language of traditional and digital platforms, making these brands a need for their market that are passionately connected.

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The right design can change the look, feel and perception of your business. Corporate branding extends beyond logos, incorporating the colour scheme, font design and imagery used across your marketing materials. We can refresh your corporate image and elevate your company’s status.


Z3bra Design has dedicated, specialist teams in all publishing disciplines who can work on individual projects, such as a magazine or ad, or come together seamlessly to deliver powerful, integrated marketing campaigns that build brands, drive customers to your door and create sustainable, profitable growth.

Photography Retouch

Poor imagery in marketing collateral doesn’t reflect well on your products and services. Photography is often overlooked, but stunning visuals in brochures, articles and websites emphasise the quality and professionalism of your brand.

Branding Identity 90%

Graphic Design 85%

Photography Retouch85%

Photoshop 90%


In Design80%

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